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Pocket Stones

Pocket Stones

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Pillows, or what I like to call Pocket Stones, are small pocket sized crystals crafted to be your personal companion on your journeys. They act as a reminder of your intentions, goals and growth! Carry them with everywhere you go!


Pocket stones will be intuitively selected, let what you need come to you

      Crystal Properties

      Rose Quartz: A stone the represents love and the heart. The perfect crystal for those on a journey to find my self love and love for others

      Clear Quartz: perfect for those seeking to amplify their intentions and focus

      Yellow Lace Agate: Its warm, detailed patterns can guide individuals towards bringing more joy and light into their life. Great for those seeking a brighter, more balanced perspective on life's challenges

      Fluorite: Can support those on their path to harmonizing their inner chaos and embracing mental clarity

      Ocean Jasper: With its patterns reminiscent of the sea, this crystal can aid those on their journey to get deeper in touch with the world around them

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