My Story


Hey there, I'm Mariah, the heart and soul behind this journey. At 23 years old living in Colorado, I've embarked on a mission close to my heart - to share the power of plant medicine with the world.

My journey began in 2019, where I was introduced to the world of smokeable herbs by a mentor. Struggling to overcome my dependence on cannabis and wanting to explore alternative treatments for my depression and anxiety, I dove into the realm of herbalism. I explored and learned about dozens of smokeable herbs, slowly crafting blends that aimed to calm my mind and relax my body. I soon after started packing myself pre rolls to smoke whenever I felt the urge to fall into old habits. My cosmic peace pre rolls were born!

Along my journeys I felt as if i was getting back in touch with my humanity, my nature. Bringing herbs into my life awoken a part of my that was oh so neglected. I felt more connected to the world around me, more in touch with nature. Something I never truly realized I was missing. One of my callings to bring the world herbal offers wasn't just for relaxation, i wanted to show the world what they are missing out on, a deep connection with something more than themselves.

I built a company that aims to embrace Mother Nature and all she has to offer! From the medicinal herbs she gives us to the healing crystals she spends thousands of years crafting! I aim to show the world just how healing our mother can be!

It's an honor to share products that resonate with my soul. I invite you to join me on this extraordinary journey of discovery.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure.

With boundless love,