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Our Story

Welcome to Herbal Earth Co, a place where the healing powers of Mother Nature come to life


 I'm Mariah, the heart and soul behind this journey. At 23 years old living in Colorado, I've embarked on a mission close to my heart - to share the power of plant medicine with the world.

I was introduced to the realm of non addictive smoke able herbs from a teacher in 2019 when i struggled to overcome my dependency on cannabis. My curiosity for herbalism was sparked and more alive than ever, I explored and learned about dozens of smoke able herbs, slowly crafting a balanced blend that aimed to calm my mind and relax my body. I soon after started packing myself pre rolls to smoke whenever i felt the urge to fall into old habits. My cosmic peace pre rolls were born!

Inspired by my own journey and the desire to support others, I started this business as a way to help others break free from nicotine and thc dependencies using non-addictive alternatives!

Over the years my brand has slowly expanded into new realms, from crystals to essential oils my mission has always stayed the same! The newest addition to the brand, candles, come from a source that also aims to better the world by bringing it a clean burning candle with none of the harsh chemicals and toxins that most candles have. I've partnered with my boyfriend who is the heart behind the candles, bringing together two brands with similar values to bring you more products that I'm proud of!


My Mission: Herbal earth embraces Mother Nature and all she has to offer! From the medicinal herbs she gives us to the healing crystals she spends thousands of years crafting! I aim to show the world just how healing our mother can be! I'm honored to share products that resonate with my heart and soul. Together, let's journey through the healing embrace of our earth, one crystal, herb, and drop of essential oil at a time.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure

Much love,