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Celestial Pre Rolls

Celestial Pre Rolls

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These pre rolls offer a gateway into the spiritual world of plant medicine. Associated with spirituality and relaxation, blue lotus is known for its ability to expand consciousness and promote a sense of tranquility. Blue Lotus is valued for its potential to enhance mood, promote restful sleep, aid in stress reduction and support overall well-being. Celestial pre rolls offer a delicate floral aroma, subtle sweet taste, delivering you a blissful state of relaxation.



Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea)

Tips for use

Feel free to use this pre roll however you would like, there are no rules here. Explore what feels good for you!

Want some guidance on where to start?

Before lighting the pre-roll, take a few moments to center yourself. Feel into the present moment.

As you inhale explore your bodily sensations. Feel your breath fill your body.

As you exhale, feel your body dissolve into a warm embrace, the earth is under you ready to catch you. Visualize yourself grounding into the earth, feeling its energy all around.

Take this time to reflect, meditate, or simply be present in the moment, embracing all that life has to offer.


Products are all made in the same facility, and cross-contamination of herbs is possible. Please be aware if you have any allergies. These products are not intended to cure or prevent any illnesses. Smoking anything is hazardous to your health. Those who are pregnant should not smoke this product, and those taking medication should consult with a doctor before smoking these products. Herbs can interact with other medications. These products have not been approved by the FDA.

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